Sunday, June 24, 2012

Return to Reality.

Vacation was wonderful.  We did everything we wanted to do. We relaxed, ate very well, and had a ton of fun.  Pictures and more details will come later.  Best of all, we were ready to come home when it was time to.

Except now, I'm back to reality... and boy has it ever slapped me in the face.
I thought I left the house in decent shape and would come home to it being in good shape, but dang I guess not... I was so disappointed when I came home last night to see so much to clean.  What was the point of me going through the trouble of cleaning it up the day before we left? Perhaps I've just gotten so used to being in immaculate conditions that I can't stand the mess, that my family and I would call clean enough, anymore.
This morning when I looked outside the garden and patio was completely overrun with weeds!  UGH UGH... months of work thrown out the window.

I wan't reality to kiss my rear end.  And so... I don't know what else to do... but complain about it for a minute, look at it in disgust, realize I do have the power to change reality, and do just that.

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