Tuesday, July 31, 2012

One Rabbit Turd.

I'm all bound up again.  I have creative constipation.  I have been afflicted with it again now for a good month at least.  I've come to this blog as my toilet several times in the past month to try to defecate some of it, but as often happens when one is physically constipated- I push with all my might; I break into a cold sweat; I take a deep breath and push some more.  I am rewarded with not even so much as a rabbit turd to show for my efforts.  And like physical constipation, I am bloated with crap and I am in pain.

I do not wish to bore anyone including myself with the mundane... and I feel that without being able to take a creative crap... Mundane is all I am becoming.

PTPTPTPTPPTTTTTT!   Oh MY looking up at the above text I realized what I just made!  A freakin' rabbit turd!   I suppose this is progress.

As someone with IBS, my cycle of constipation is usually followed by a cycle of explosive diarrhea and all it takes is that one "rabbit turd" to get it started.


I don't care... I feel a little better and that is all that matters.

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