Friday, June 15, 2012

My Toilet, My Trashcan, My Sorting Bin, and My Display Case

So here I am as many maiden bloggers have done staring at a blank text box for which a supposed blog is purposed.  I imagine every new blogger and perhaps some experienced ones have that same intimidated feeling when beginning to write without much of an idea of what to write about.

My problem is that I have so many ideas that I am not sure where to go with it... you see... I'm a bit of a hoarder.  Not exactly a full blown physical hoarder, although in some areas of my home one might think it's so, but more so an idea hoarder.  I get an idea.  I begin using it, and before total fruition, I drop it and store it, or collect it in an un-organized manner.  Now I have so many thoughts and ideas stored away, piled up, and strewn about that I feel like my head space has me immobilized, like a home you'd see on an episode of Hoarders.

 I used to blog regularly years ago, but my life was different and I blogged for different reasons then...The internet was different then! Back then we didn't have all the social networks we have now and I used a blog as a means of connecting socially with my friends.  It was my Facebook, Myspace, Google + or Twitter. As those sites popped up I found myself gravitating toward their pull because, that was where my friends are.  

The problem was that I lost my drive to just write. and writing even if for social reasons was one of the things that helped me keep my mind from getting too cluttered.  But now LOOK AT THIS MESS!  I don't even know if anything I have said thus far makes any sense whatsoever!  I'm sure that grammatically it's a travesty, and bad grammar is a huge pet peeve of mine.  This is usually a reason I throw out to keep myself from actually writing anything at all... (Everything I have in my head is crap and nobody will be interested in crap)...Which brings me around to the point of this blog in the first place.  

Yet, I beg to differ on my argument with myself that everything in my head is crap.  If it was all crap why would I feel the need to keep any of it?  Some of what is in my head are real gems and deserve to be displayed proudly.

I hearby dub this blog my toilet, my trashcan, my sorting bin and my display case.  If you are curious enough to join me in my voyage in decluttering my life then feel free to read along.

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Anonymous said...

It was so much easier to blog when I didn't know anyone besides my own friends was reading it. I like having other readers but I feel... responsible.